Ship Management

We provide all range of ship management including the financing, crewing, operative, chartering, technical, ISM, accounting, planned maintenance system. We can guarantee a full management supported by our integrated software solutions. We can provide and customise our ship management software based on any kind of client requirements. Our primary goal is to assist our clients in the search of the best suitable vessel, in the technical assessment, in the research of the eventual related loan until the purchase of the ship, the registration under the desired flag (we have a long experience in particular with Malta, Panama, Bahamas, Cyprus, Madeira and NIS) and the creation and management of the owner company following all legal requirements related to the eventual mortgage registration.


Through our privileged contacts with the major world-wide maritime financing institutes, established during last 30 years, we are able to provide assistance in arranging and obtaining ship financing. We can furthermore provide assistance in the financial and administration control of the owner company.

SMS (Safety Management System)

With the experience gained managing more than 100 vessels over last 20 years, as far as the International Safety Management is concerned, we can guarantee a professional and highly qualified service. Our SMS integrates also a Planned Maintenance System (PMS) with customised software solutions which allow us to satisfy any requirement.


Our crew roster of around 5000 highly qualified and experienced seafarers of different nationalities can satisfy any kind of manning requirement for all vessel types. Crew records are continuously vetted and updated. We gained the major experience managing crew of India, Pakistan and Europe (mainly from Italy, Croatia, Spain, Poland, Romania, Ukraine and Russia) and mixing some of them also on board the same vessel with excellent results.
We will be pleased to propose the best suitable solution for any kind of manning requirement.
Our exclusive partner for India is Bellfranc A.S. Pvt based in Mumbai.


We can guarantee a full post-fixture operative service of the vessel 24 hours a day including agency appointments, disbursement account control, bunker, lubricants, paints and stores supply. We can guarantee reduction of vessel running expenses through long established relationships with suppliers of stores, bunkers, etc.


Our accounting system guarantees the highest quality of service for ship accounting and companies administration (check and payment of invoices in connection with vessels running expenses, freight control, etc.).

Technical management

The technical management is delegated to different external technical consultants fully interfaced with our management system.

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